Loss of shares

In case of loss of share certificate(s) by the registered shareholder(s):
  1. Shareholder(s) should immediately notify to the company by way of a letter duly signed by the shareholder(s), the fact of loss/misplacement of share certificate(s) alongwith copy of Police FIR bearing complete details of share certificate(s) lost/ misplaced, viz. share certificate no(s), distinctive nos., number of shares, folio no(s), etc.
  2. On receipt of above documents and upon verification of signature of the shareholder(s) on the intimation letter, the company shall note ‘stop transfer’ remarks against the relevant share certificate(s).
  3. The company shall inform to the shareholder(s) procedure to be followed for issue of duplicate share certificate(s) alongwith the formats of affidavit, indemnity bond, etc. to be executed by the shareholder(s) in the prescribed manner on non-judicial stamp paper of requisite value.
  4. On receipt of executed affidavit, indemnity bond and other documents/papers and after publication of public notice in newspaper(s), the company shall issue duplicate share certificate(s), in case the company does not receive any objection for the same.